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Eric Fang SharePoint workflow activities

( SharePoint 2010 only )

Please change "Deploy.cmd" with the correct SharePoint site url, then run it from the SharePoint 2010 server.

Please DO NOT upgrade the workflow activity from previous version. Or else you need to reconfigure the upgraded actions. For error message "Could not deserialize object...", please check

  • Calculate Business Hours

  • complete Task by TaskId

  • delete Items By CAML

  • delete list items by ListView

  • enable NewLine for RichText

  • get Current DateTime string

  • get Incoming Email Attachment Links

  • get Local DateTime from UTC DateTime

  • get the latest Relevant TaskID

  • get UserLogins By GroupName 

  • update Items By CAML 

  • update list items by ListView

  • Suspend the workflow for a number of seconds

  • waitForUnlockWorkflow

  • getCountByListview

  • getCountByCAML

  • Get List GUID by List Title

  • Get field value from top item by CAML

  • Get field value from top item by Listview

  • Get field value from Previous Version (SandBox)


  • Build LinkFieldValue String (SandBox)

  • Shrink Image file size

*Modify and then run "deploy.cmd" or "install.ps1" from the SharePoint server to deploy the activity.
*To enable or disable Visual Studio debugger on SharePoint 2010 server (RemoveVSDebugger.reg and RestoreVSDebugger.reg)

*If you find any bug or have any suggestion, please let me know.

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